Percy Jackson Compare And Contrast Essay

Comparing Persey Jackson and the Odysseus Essay

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A hero must never leave his friends behind even if he must force them to go with him. In The Odyssey by Homer, in the chapter “The Lotus Eaters” Odysseus arrives on an island were three of his crew eat the Lotus and fight to stay on the island. In The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan when Percy goes to the Lotus Casino his friends are stuck and he must force them out. Odysseus and Percy are similar because they are heroes who encounter the Lotus Eaters while on a quest, but they are different because Odysseus is on an island, while Percy is in a casino. Odysseus and Percy are similar because they both are stuck with the Lotus Eaters and must help their friends escape by forcing them. Odysseus must force his men off the island, “Those…show more content…

This means this makes him a savior who was not affected or fooled by the Lotus. On the other hand, Percy was affected by the Lotus and had to shake out of it before helping his friends. Percy was affected but slowly noticed “I tried to remember why we were here. We were going to Los Angeles. We were supposed to find the entrance to the Underworld. My mother . . . For a scary second, I had trouble remembering her name. Sally. Sally Jackson. I had to find her, I had to stop Hades from causing World War III.” This shows Percy awakening from the Lotus, and remembering his mission, unlike Odysseus who was never affected or blinded. While he was fooled and blinded, Percy still woke from the affects and helped his friends wake up and escape. Percy and Odysseus were different from one another in many ways. Odysseus and Percy both similarly encountered the Lotus Eaters while on a quest and must rescue their friends, but they meet them in different places and save their friends differently. Both heroes had saved their friends from the Lotus, but their saving methods differed from the others. Many heroes have similarities but they are also different from one another even in their similarities.

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Sapp2is that Odysseus shall not return home to “Ithica”, his homeland. They areconnecting by their loved ones.Like all Heroes, Percy and Odysseus have superhuman qualities. Like Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon, which means he has water abilities, and strength,and healing supernatural elements, Percy is a demigod. On the other handOdysseus is a mortal, just a man that is courageous, that is visited b many gods andgoddesses, and some of the gods and goddesses help him throughout his journeyhome to Ithica, also giving him supernatural elements, “powers”. Percy has specialsupernatural abilities, and Odysseus is a mortal a normal man, that has godshelping him. They are similar by they are using their supernatural elements to savethe their world and their loved ones.With all these similarities between our two heroes, its only natural to expectdifferences. In the story “The Lightning Thief”, Percy Jackson has a guider and amentor, Percy’s Guider is his father, Poseidon. Poseidon helps Percy whenever he isin the time of need. Percy also has a mentor, a protector, a Saytr named Grooverand a friend that helps him along the way Annabeth. On the other hand Odysseusalso has a guider who is a goddess named Athena, who helps him throughout his journey home. Unlike Percy, Poseidon is against Odysseus.As long as a battle between our gods, demigods, and mortals, and as long asevil exists, people will keep creating heroes, to overcome obstacles to protectpeople, worlds, and their loved ones. As longs as myths and stories exist, will therealways be epic heroes, like Percy Jackson and Odysseus?

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