Should Electoral College Abolished Essay

The Electoral College Should Be Abolished Essay

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The Founders built certain protections for individual rights into this country's founding documents. The United States Constitution was one such document. In particular, such protections guard Americans who hold minority viewpoints from those who side with the majority. For example, the First Amendment protects the right of free speech to ensure that people who hold unpopular views have just as much freedom to express those views as do people who tend to agree with the majority. The United States Constitution, therefore, was intended to protect the individual rights of Americans from a tyrannical government and majority. However, today, the Electoral College does not represent the vibrant democracy into which the United States has grown.…show more content…

They also believed that the Electors would be more informed and educated than the average citizen (Raasch 1). Many citizens lived in areas where they could not access information about national elections. Moreover, elite society, from which many national candidates came, frowned upon campaigning. Thus, many citizens were unlikely to be able to gather information about candidates to make an informed decision (Raasch 1). But the result of the Electoral College today is to give too much power to the small states. In fact, they have more power than the largest states in the union. For instance, California's population (the largest) is approximately 70 times that of Wyoming's (the smallest). But California only has about 18 times the Electoral College votes (55 to 3) (Raasch 1). According to writer Chuck Raasch, that means a vote in Wyoming has potentially four times the impact in the Electoral College (1). Also, in 1988, the combined voting age population (3,119,000) of the seven least populous states (Alaska, Delaware, D.C., North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming) had the same number of Electoral votes (21) as the 9,614,000 voters in Florida (Kimberling 1). The U.S. should also abolish the Electoral College because it depresses voter turnout. For example, during the recent presidential campaign the candidates focused most of their time on what so-called "battleground states," states in which there

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  • It Is Unfair

    In many elections in the past, Presidential candidates who did not win a majority of the popular vote, or even a plurality, were elected president because of the electoral college. Take Bush vs. Al Gore for example. Al Gore won more popular vote than Bush, but Bush was elected.

  • Abolish the electoral College

    Yes, because this country is a democracy and the popular vote should count not the electoral votes. Also this should not depend on the government, for the president is serving us, not the government. In addition, the leader of the country should not depend on 538 members of the electoral college but the voice and choice of the citizens of this nation.

  • It takes the freedom to vote away

    If we were to be able vote, then we should be able to actually choose who would be president. The electoral college takes that away from us. The electoral college is not really fair to our rights and our freedom. It mainly takes away the power to vote the president. DOWN WITH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE!

  • Absolutely.

    The electoral college was created in a time when votes were more difficult to collect and count. With everything done electronically today, a simple popular vote would suffice. I do not believe the electoral college was ever meant as a way to avoid the popular vote results. It is simply an outdated system that should be done away with.

  • The electoral college is antiquated.

    The electoral college is far from perfect, there have been many fairly recent events in u.S election history such as the election of 2000 that should show that the system at the very least needs an overhaul and should be removed from existence. The founding father's originally placed the electoral college in the constitution because they were afraid that the general population wouldn't have enough information to make a wise informed choice on who would be the best candidate for presidency, but now with the increase in social media and the ability to get information on almost anything at a moments notice, this principle has become worthless and outdated. It's time to make a change and make our voice heard to our politicians.

  • The electoral college should be abolished

    The Electoral College should be abolished because it takes away our freedom. When will we really be able to elect our leader? We all know that the college makes the real choice so when will we be able to? Please comment on my profile if you agree. THE GOVERNMENT TAKES AWAY OUR FREEDOM!!

  • The electoral college is outdated and undemocratic.

    The electoral college came out during a time when the American people were undereducated and the government people knew what was best. Now, we have universal education and the media to help who we want to vote for. If we switch to popular vote people will have a bigger saying than they ever did before. There will be a voting system with highly reduced manipulation of vote. Everyone will get a better chance to get elected. The electoral college proponents made a claim there will be more voting fraud, but this is just an excuse to maintain the power in the hands of the few and voting fraud is only a small problem in elections which means there are only a few.

  • It ruins voting in the U.S.

    How can a system where the loser of the popular vote can win an election (In 1876, 1888 and of course, 2000) even be kept? Many proponents of the Electoral College argue that it protects smaller states in the Union and it forces presidential candidates to pay attention to smaller states. This is plainly wrong, considering that most presidential visits during the 2012 election were to Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Pennsylvania, the smallest of which (Virginia) is ranked 12th in population out of the 50 states and territories in the U.S. Furthermore, the electors for each state are not required to vote according to their citizen's wishes, which means with the Electoral College, a vote really doesn't count. Instead of this, we should use the outrageous idea of having a person's vote count directly to a candidate (a.K.A. The popular vote or "direct democracy"). We need to get rid of the Electoral College soon, because according to history, a mistake is bound to happen again with American elections.

  • Just an Outsider commenting this..

    Sorry for my inarticulate English here, as I am not a native speaker(from Taiwan).
    Sorry if I am misinformed here, but I do not feel that the electoral college makes anything better. You see, through the past year or so, candidates went and rallied at these so called "battleground" states numerous times. Are you suggesting that any of these areas are low-populated?
    Are you indicating that specifically these people in this area's voices are louder than the rest?
    It doesn't take a genius to notice that your presidency emphasizes the most on these states-
    what difference does it make?
    I noticed that many of you argue that your founding fathers had a reason(and I sure believe in that),
    but what about the equality of votes?
    Surely a vote in California (where Clinton carried by +363580) would mean far, far more insignificant than Michigan(where Trump narrowly won by +17168). And if you divide by electoral votes.....
    363580/55=6610 ; 17168/16=1073
    Meaning that 1 electoral vote in Michigan would be 6.2 times EASIER to SWING than California?
    Doesn't that sound a bit illogical to you? What makes them more important than others?
    Another aspect of this is the flaw of the "winner take all" system, which I believe should be replaced by "proportionate awarding delegate" system.
    Take Texas for example:
    United States presidential election in Texas 2012:
    Romney + 1261719
    United States presidential election in Texas 2016:
    Trump + 813774
    The Electoral College does not whatsoever reflect any changing demographics until a breaching point when the two sides are almost equally divided and torn apart - do you believe this is a good cause for your nation?
    Thank you for reading this.....I truly believe your system is....A bit flawed, and needs some working to do. Simply embracing it tightly and unwilling to see corrections to it.....Might seem unwise, as an outsider observing all of this.
    I understand there must be a better reasoning behind all of this, as I am simply trying to present the statistics and doing the math(hehe....We Asians XD).
    P.S. As I am clearly amused that it was the U.S that helped us through OUR FIRST DIRECT presidential election back in 1996....And we elect by popular vote, like so many other nations around the globe.....And have just elected OUR first female president this year! We remain grateful.....(however not so hopeful for America-good luck y'all).

  • It is not Democratic

    5 times in American history, someone has won the presidency without getting a majority of the popular vote, or a failure rate of just under 9 percent, and this is because of the Electoral College. In fact, it is possible to become president while just representing 22% of the population because of the winner-take-all system, and that is just in a two-candidate race. If there were more people running and the race went to the House of Representatives, the new president could speak for 1% or fewer Americans. Finally, it does not protect small states. All it does is give small states more voting power than large states, and swing states more than all of them. In addition, the Senate should be abolished and all elections should be run under the Alternative Vote system.

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