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How to Be a Smart Consumer and Save Your Money

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How to be a smart consumer and save your money
Are you a smart consumer? If the answer is no, let’s turn over to a new leaf. In this borderless world, being a smart consumer is like chocolate chips in our cookies of life. Thus, it is essential for us to spend wisely and save our budget. There are abundant of consumers nowadays love to spend a lot of money on products that do not suffice their budget as well as they are unnecessary. We heard this too many times already. However, how many of us really think deeply and wonder if everything we buy is worth our money? We admit that shopping is fun but sometimes reality really stuck us hard. Question such as do I really need it, is the price right or even such low prices may just make us…show more content…

Last but not least, membership for local stores and even frequent visitor card is good as it is an excellent choice to save up more money. One of the best examples I personally encountered was last month where I was shopping for the accessory products. The price was already discounted and when I was at the payment counter, I was shocked and surprised as the cashier told me if I am a member, I will get another discount of 20 percent! The moral of the story is simple and straight forward. We are able to save up tons of money and even shop smarter if we know how to utilize the membership card and benefits. At the same time, membership cards will enable you to collect points and eventually, we are able to redeem items and cash vouchers when we shop.

In a nutshell, there is innumerable way for us to be a smart consumer. We need to be together working closely arm in arm and advising each other for being concerned and smart consumers. As the Malay saying goes, many hands make work better. Do not worry as it is assuring you these are simple steps and it will not take you more than one or two minutes to get it done. Hooray! More time to shop!

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Good morning teachers and friends. I am glad to have this opportunity to speak to you today as we launch Consumer Week. All of us are consumers. We buy all kinds of goods and services. Unfortunately, not all of us are wise consumers. We need to know how to be wise consumers so that we do not fall victim to unscrupulous retailers who are out to take advantage of our ignorance. We need to be smart consumers so that we can get the most of our money. I'm going to give you some tips on how to be a wise consumer and receive fair exchange for your money.

Here's my first tip. As a wise consumer, you should not buy too much on credit. This is because when you buy on credit you are actually adding to the cost of the product when you pay interest to the credit card vendor. Therefore, make sure you budget your money before you go shopping. Plan before you buy and make sure you have sufficient money before you go shopping.

When out shopping, you shouldn't buy the first item you see. As a wise consumer you should realize that you need to shop around. Look for available discounts and special deals. You may find the same product going at a lower price at different outlets. Thus, shopping around will make you a wise consumer who can find the best price for the item you wish to purchase. This will certainly save you your hard-earned money!

Let's move on to my third tip. To be a wise consumer you should avoid impulse purchases. Do not make a purchase just because it's on offer, or because the salesperson is very persuasive and you find it difficult to say `no, thank you'! Always remember that retailers will do their best to lure you into buying their products. If you are armed with a list and are determined to stick to that list, you won't spend money unnecessarily on items you don't need.

Next, as a wise consumer try to buy in bulk. This is a good practice because it means you have to make less trips out in the car. That will save you fuel and time. However, you should only buy as much as you can use before the item spoils or expires. There is no point in buying so much that you have to throw away most of it because it has passed its expiry date and is not fit for consumption. So buy in bulk, knowing it usually works out cheaper, but do so responsibly.

Finally, as you go down the aisle to select purchases, search the shelves carefully. Look for items that are placed high or low on the shelves. Such items are often cheaper compared to the higher-priced brand name products gnat are conveniently placed at eye-level. Manufacturers actually pay to have their products placed at the consumer's eye-level. That is why the products' at eye-level are more expensive. As a wise consumer it is good to search for the cheaper products.

In short, being a smart consumer is not difficult. All you need to do is to make a few small changes to your shopping habits, and exercise some self-control. You will find that it will have a huge, positive impact on your bank account. And, as you continue to make smart consumer choices you will learn to operate within a comfortable budget, and in so doing, live within your means. Thank you.

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