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The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

Life is not worth living if a person fails to seek wisdom and knowledge on how to live a good life. Both wisdom and knowledge help people know and understand life and find value in it. Socrates, a philosopher, educates people on the need to examine life and decide how to live in it. He developed the idea of unexamined life not worthy to live, during his trial in the court. The jury charged Socrates a death penalty but he preferred a reward instead. He also proposed to dine in the Prytaneum, where victorious Olympic athletes feasted during games. Socrates claimed a good life in his trial because he served the citizens in many ways. For example, he discouraged people from following personal ambitions and encouraged moral perfection.

On examining his life, Socrates realized that he never wronged anyone and, therefore, he could also not wrong himself. Socrates valued his life because even after jury charged him with death penalty, he proposes to dine in the Prytaneum. This shows that he compared himself with victorious Olympic athletes who portray success and perfection of life. People need to examine their lives and the world, to avoid acting without reasoning. People who examine their lives get to choose their destinations and set goals. They get to decide paths, decide how long those paths will take and whether they are right or wrong. People also get to distinguish between bad actions and good actions.

Human beings are the best creature in the world and need happiness through self-knowledge and wisdom. When people know their true self, they work hard to achieve their goals which lead them to success. Knowing true self-brings calmness that improves people’s attitude with others. However, people who fail to examine their lives, experience many challenges. A person’s true self-is related to an ego-strength which controls how he or she faces the reality. People with strong ego-strength examine the world and face the reality to dealing with it. Those with weak ego-strength, have their senses of self-unable to easily face the.

In conclusion, life is worth living if examined through the help of self-knowledge and wisdom. Socrates examined his life and identified areas that convinced him of living again despite the jury charging him with death penalty. His life experience taught people on the need to examine life to make it worth to live. However, examining life help people develop their ego-strengths that help them to deal with the reality.

Life Worth Living Essay

Sidney Hooke stated, “Those who say that life is worth living at any cost have already written an epitaph of infamy, for there is no cause and no person that they will not betray to stay alive”. This quote has everything to do with living life to the fullest. Abigail, a character in The Crucible was in love with John Proctor (Miller). She would have done anything for John. Eventually in the end, Abigail betrays John by accusing his wife of witchcraft. Every experience gained and lost is what makes life worth living.
Hope is what makes life worth living according to The Declaration of Independence. It states in The Declaration of Independence, “He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public records…” (Jefferson 157). In this paragraph Jefferson is talking about the King of England and how horrible he was. The United States was tired of his ruling, so they rose up. The United States of America wrote this document, The Declaration of Independence, in order to restore hope. Hope makes life worth living, hope makes us fight and have something to believe in. Without hope, there would be no life worth living. The Americans gained the knowledge and experience to rise up against the king’s tyranny and fight against him (Jefferson). Through the times that American soldiers want to give up, they remember what they are fighting for, they remember what makes life worth living.
The experience of Elizabeth in The Crucible is a main example of living your life to the fullest. Elizabeth says “she wants me dead you know?” (Miller 1274). In this scene of The Crucible, Elizabeth is going to prison for witchcraft. Elizabeth does not have high self-worth, but she has some self-worth. She knows her husband has been cheating on her with Abigail. Elizabeth wants John to tell the court he was cheating. Abigail is mad, so she tries to kill Elizabeth. Elizabeth is trying to find the will to live, to love, to hope. In the end of the story John and Elizabeth get to meet one last time before the will never see each other forever. John tells Elizabeth how much he loves her, and how much he adores her. Elizabeth finally finds it in within to love herself, and finds the will to live. Always find the will to live, always find the will to love (Miller).
Accepting one’s self is one of the best thing one can do for their own life. In The Ministers Black Veil Mr. Hooper wears a veil on his heads to symbolize secret sin. While he is preaching to his congregation, the people were hardly able to look at Mr. Hooper (Hawthorne). They could see that their own...

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