Load Shedding In Bangladesh Essay Definition

Load shedding is the suspension or discontinuation of electricity supply on certain lines when the demand is greater than the generation. It has become a widely discussed topic of the day. People live in the areas supplied with electricity are quite familiar with this term. There is hardly any area which is not affected by load shedding. Load shedding usually occurs when the supply of electricity is less than demand and also for unplanned distribution of electricity. It plunges the city or part of it into the darkness and seems we are living in a village. Load shedding causes unbearable torture on the people belonging to all walks of life especially during summer.  But the sufferings of the parents and the students beggar description. Students sit idling in the dark closing their books especially before their exam. Domestic life becomes painful. The housewives grope in the darkness in the kitchen. Mills and factories come to a standstill incurring huge amount of national loss. So failure of electricity hampers productivity. Besides, shops, markets and otherestablishments become seriously affected by it. So it is a curse for ourdevelopment. In addition, due to load shedding foods kept in the refrigerator get rotten the commodities preserved in the cold storages get spoilt. It is very difficult to solve this problem. But we should make an all out concerted effort to solve this problem. We must take pragmatic steps to get rid of this problem. As already establish power plants fail to satisfy the increasing demand of electricity, government must take initiative to establish more power plants immediately. Establishing power plants in the private sector should also be higher encouraged. Unplanned distribution of electricity should be stopped at any cost and timely well planned supply of electricity should be ensured. Besides, system loss should be reduced. Illegal connection should be stopped. Those who are related to pilferage must be brought to book. Over all public awareness is necessary. Here our mass- media can play a vital role.

                   Load Shedding

Load shedding means the discontinuity of supply of electricity for short or long time. It is a great problem in our country. Now-a- days it has become a part of our daily time. There are many reasons for load shedding . The insufficient production of the electricity is the main reason of it. Misuse and illegal connection of electricity are the other reasons of load shedding. It occurs mostly at night because the demand of electricity is more at night than day. It causes many other problems. Mills, factories, shops, hospitals, houses all fall victim to it. The sufferings of students know no bound. They sit in the darkness closing books during load shedding. The patients suffer because operation stops in hospitals for load shedding. Load shedding at night encourage the thieves. Domestic life becomes painful. The food kept in refrigeration get rotten. In fact, load shedding causes great sufferings to the people. However, this problem should be solved at any cost. An all out effort should be made to stop load shedding.

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