Mgt301 Assignment 2016

MGT301 - Principles of Marketing Assignment No. 2 Solution Fall 2016 Due Date: Dec 01, 2016

 Principles of Marketing (MGT301)         Fall, 2016 Assignment No. 1

Due Date: December 01, 2016.

Total Marks: 10

Weightage: 04

Topic: Marketing Strategy Planning Process

Learning Objective:

The core objective of this activity is to familiarize students with the concept of SWOT analysis and marketing strategy planning processes.

Learning Outcomes:

?  After attempting this assignment students will be able to acquaint themselves with not

only the concept of SWOT analysis but,  also with its practical implementation (specifically for automobile sector).

?  It will also widen student’s vision to tackle and formulate appropriate marketing

strategies for an industry that is eager to cater a new target market.


Renault is a French multinational automobile manufacturer which was established in 1899; it produces a wide range of cars and vans, and in the past has manufactured trucks, tractors, tanks, buses/coaches and auto vehicles. According to the “International Organization of Automobile Constructors” in 2013 Renault was the eleventh biggest automaker in the world by production volume, with 50.5% of sales coming outside of Europe. The Renault–Nissan Alliance is the fourth-largest automotive group.

The Case:

Ghandhara Nissan Limited (GNL) which is a renowned automobile company in Pakistan has joined hands with French automaker Renault to produce Renault vehicles at the existing plant of GNL at Port Qasim. Renault is expected to start assembling cars in Pakistan by 2018 and it will attract investment of $100 million, including approximately 60% foreign investment. This will be the first time that a European car manufacturer will set up a plant in Pakistan. Renault intends to manufacture 16,000 vehicles in three shifts and to raise the production capacity to 50,000 in two phases. With the influx of Renault in Pakistan, it is expected that the people of Pakistan will have cheaper vehicle purchasing options. Eventually this will create a tough competition between the market giants in the similar industry, but buyers will have the option to purchase vehicles from local markets instead of importing them from foreign countries, for which they have to pay a huge amount in terms of taxation. In order to survive in Pakistani market, Renault will have to carefully devise appropriate marketing strategies in order to cater its target market.

Being a student of Principles of Marketing, you are required to conduct the SWOT analysis for Renault by enlisting its possible (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) in terms of Pakistani market.

The total marks of this Assignment are 10; write proper       “four” headings based on (strengths,

weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) in detail. Each heading carries 2.5 marks; avoid irrelevant text/material while answering the question. 

MGT301 Spring 2012 Student Name Danielle Brooks Assignment 2 – 25 Points Question 1 Sales for the next 6 months are expected to be Month Sales (units) 1 2000 2 2200 3 2400 4 2600 5 2800 6 3000 You currently have 1000 units of the product in inventory. At the end of these 6 months you would like inventory to have declined to 400 units. a) Assuming a level production plan, how many units should you produce each month? ΣProduction= (15,000)-(1,000)+(400)= 14,400/6= 2,400 units/month b) How much inventory will you have at the end of each month? 1: 1,000+2,400-2,000= 1,400 2: 1,400+2,400-2,200= 1,600 3: 1,600+2,400-2,400= 1,600 4: 1,600+2,400-2,600= 1,400 5: 1,400+2,400-2,800= 1,000 6: 1,000+2,400-3,000= 400 Question 2 To make your product you use 2 machines in sequence, machine A first for 15 minutes and then machine B for 20 minutes. You’re currently using a chase production strategy and demand is expect to be 450 this month and 500 next month. a)

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