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Educating Rita by Willy Russell explores the value of education, but also the wider education that takes place and how to use that education to your greatest benefit; not only during the school education but also the looking at the surrounding world. Rita, an uneducated lady, is unhappy with the limitations of her social class and feels that to escape the limitations she needs to get a properly recognised education. She therefore decides to do an Open University course in English literature. This she believes will greatly increase the horizons of her life and remove some of the limitations that she feels are imposed upon her. She wants to learn everything but soon discovers that even education has its limits. Frank, her tutor and lecturer,…show more content…

Her job and dialect optimize the way she grew up, and how the expectations of her upbringing limit her future, as being a working class woman she is expected to get married, have children and then become a housewife, ‘I should've had a baby by now. Everyone expects it.’ There were no further expectations for women and certainly no need for them to have an education, ‘Denny gets dead narked if I work at home’. Rita doesn’t like the housewife stereotype and decides to rebel against it by taking the pill and starting a formal education, ‘But I mean, I don't want a baby yet. No. I wanna discover meself first.’ Rita’s family refuse to see the benefits that this could give her and this leads her father to feel sorry for Denny and to feel annoyed at Rita’s lack of commitment to her family, ‘Denny, I'm sorry for you, lad. If she was a wife of mine I'd drown her.’ When Rita thinks about quitting the course to please her family, it’s her mother’s unintentional comment at the pub, ‘There must be better songs than this,’ which drives her forward in the course, ‘And I thought, ‘All I'm doing is getting an education. Just trying to learn. And I love it. It's not easy, I get it wrong half the time, I'm laughed at half the time but I love it because it makes me feel as

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Main characters are Frank who is a university lecturer and Rita who is a hair dresser. Rita wants to be educated she decides to take an Open University course. The main theme of the play is to be educated.

At the start of the scene we hear a conversation between Frank and someone else on the other end of the phone. We hear him arguing if he will go to the pub or not. “What do u mean I determined to go to the pub? I don’t need determination to go to the pub”. This shows his sarcasm. Showing that he doesn’t care this shows us that he doesn’t care about his partner and he’s a caring person. Frank also doesn’t want to teach at Open University he only does it for the money. He thinks there is no point in teaching Open University because all his students will be stupid. ‘Some silly woman’s attempt to get into the mind of Henry James’ this shows he is prejudice before he starts teaching. He thinks she is going to be stupid because she didn’t get enough education. He is only doing this for the money. He doesn’t care about the job, all wants is the money to go to the pub.

Then we see Rita enter the room. She barges through the room because it’s jammed. She doesn’t use the correct grammar. ‘I’m comin in aren’t I’. She speaks in colloquial English, this makes us think that she doesn’t have a good education and shows that she is working class. She speaks in a scouse accent, she swears a lot showing that she doesn’t care about offending anyone, and she is loud and enthusiastic about learning. She wants to learn because she wants a change.

When Rita tries to get into the room she can’t because the handle is jammed .she manages to open it and barge in. “it’s the stupid bleeding handle………you wanna get that fixed”. She doesn’t wait around to fix the problems she gets them done. She isn’t lazy she wants to move things along like in life. Rita doesn’t like her life so instead of waiting around she decides to change it and get educated. She is trying to get better in life but she has to struggle to get something in life you have to work hard. Whereas frank is ignoring his problems and is drinking instead of trying to fix his problems.

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He has left the handle to be broken all these years but as soon as Rita try’s to open the door she thinks he could fix it straight away .she even tells him off even though he is the teacher and she is the student showing he is confident.

Rita notices a picture on the wall .it’s a picture of a naked woman there views of the painting are different. “It’s beautiful” Frank sees the beauty of it. He appreciates art instead of seeing the erotic point about it. He is too embarrassed to mention nudity even though he is clever and better spoken he is still too embraced to say anything , but Rita sees the painting erotic tits she says it for excitement not for the artwork orits beauty . She could use less of offensive language.

Rita is from a working class background and frank is from a middle class background. In this scene we see the clash of cultures. Although Rita isn’t very good she knows quiet a lot of popular culture and frank doesn’t now much about popular culture.

Willy Russell gains the interest of the audience by having humorous language conversations between Frank and Rita which lets us see the culture clash between the two.

Willy Russell gains interest of the audience by adding comedy into the play and making people laugh. This also teaches use what different cultures are like and how determined people can be to learn it shows use how a low class lady can get so smart by working son hard and avoiding and solving family problems . You can see the contrast of the two personalities and the way they act. Rita makes Frank excited about life she makes him understand the meaning of life and how special it is. She refreshes his negative aptitude to a positive attitude and gives him a fresh starts she also makes him understand how important and valuable life is. Educating Rita can teach people different things in life about if you work hard you can get an education and do something good in life.

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