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Tags. Introduction to XML: XML Basics, XML Document Structure, XML Namespaces, Document Type Definitions, XML Schemas, Displaying XML Documents.

Unit - II Programming with Java Script – DOM and Events : The Document Object Model, Element Access in JavaScript, Traversing and Modifying a DOM Tree, DOM Collections and Styles, Events, Examples of Event Handling from Body, Button, Text Box and Password Elements, Dynamic Documents using JavaScript – element moving, visibility, positioning etc., Example program(s),Introduction and example of AJAX. Introduction to WAP and WML: WAP and WML Basics, WML formatting and links, WML input, WML tasks, WML timer, WML variables, Example. The Server Side Scripting : Server side scripting and its need ,Two-Tier, Three-Tier, N-Tier and Enterprise Architecture, Various Languages/ Technologies for server scripting ,HTTP Methods (such as GET, POST, HEAD, and so on) , Purpose ,Technical characteristics, Method selection, Use of request and response primitives, Web container – Tomcat.

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